Integrative Perinatal & Somatic Therapies - Dr. Meghan E. Lewis
Fertile Life Support Circles for all Bodies 6-week series
This series will offer opportunities to learn healthful ways of enhancing your fertility naturally and a place for receiving genuine support as you are preparing your bodymind for conception. During each circle, professionals in the field of fertility will share their expertise and, in some cases, will offer demonstrations. Providers may include an acupuncturist, western herbalist, nutritionist, chiropractor, OM trainer, and medical intuitive. Additionally, facilitated discussions will include such topics as:
• Balancing your focus on fertility with other areas of your life
• Fertility misconceptions
• Creativity and preparing for pregnancy
• Sharing wisdom and resources
The next East Bay group will be held on Wednesdays, May 3rd-June-7th from 7-9PM
Fee: $235
Pre-registration is required for all groups. Please call 510-466-5930 or e-mail for more information and location.

Queer Solo Parents-to-Be Community Support Circles

These monthly drop-in groups offer solo queer parents-to-be opportunities to connect with other pregnant people to share the unique experience of expecting. Building community with other local folx provides support, encouragement, and friendship throughout the years to come. During each group, professionals in the birth care field will share their expertise. They may include a birth and postpartum doula, sleep consultant, lactation consultant, baby wearing expert, nutritionist, homeopath among others. Additionally, facilitated discussions will include topics as:
•Adjusting to unexpected emotional challenges of pregnancy
•Physical discomforts and concerns
•Preparing for childbirth at home, birth center, or at the hospital
•Self-care, newborn care, and family care
The next East Bay group will be held on Sunday, April 23rd from 4:30-6PM
Pre-registration is required for all groups. Please call 510-466-5930 or e-mail for more information and location.

Queer Birthers with Precrawlers 
6-week series- Not your sister's new moms' group!
Come connect and commune with new parents who understand the unique realities of conceiving, birthing, and raising a family in today's straight world.
In this series you will further be able to:
• Process and holistically integrate your preconception, pregnancy, and birthing experiences
• Clarify your family values and parent in alignment with your authenticity
• Grow your community of like-minded queer parents
The next East Bay series will be held on Wednesdays, May 3rd-June 7th from 11AM-1PM
Fee: $235
Pre-registration is required for all groups. Please call 510-466-5930 or e-mail for more information and location.

Our Family Coalition Solo & Single Parent's Support Circle 
This monthly drop-in group will provide you the opportunity to give and receive support with those who understand the unique challenges, freedoms, and responsibilities of parenting solo.
• Learn simple mindfulness practices to help facilitate ease and reduce fear or frustration in any situation
• Identify your hopes and intentions for yourself and your child(ren) 
• Explore creative ways of attaining your personal and parenting goals
• Expand your community of parents
as well as your knowledge of useful Bay Area resources 
Fourth Tuesdays with Our Family Coalition at a children's center in SF 6-8PM. Dinner and childcare is provided. Please pre-register at

LGBTQ New Parents & 
Parents-to-Be Community Circle
This support circle is offered for LGBTQ parents and parents-to-be who are awaiting adoption, the birth of their child(ren) through surrogacy, or who are pregnant. Connecting with community, sharing about resources and experiences can be a helpful way to give and receive support during the early stages of your growing family. Share newborn care tips and learn simple mindfulness practices to increase ease during this time of so many unknowns and exciting transitions. Groups are held at Oakland's new and expectant parent center, Then Comes Baby, Next dates TBA.

Stress Reduction
for Birth & Beyond
In this 6-week group, mamas-to-be will practice various relaxation and guided visualization techniques designed to enhance birthing energy and optimize endurance. The benefits will be felt not only on the physical level but mentally and emotionally as well. These practices will support mamas in receiving regenerative strength from healing aspects of the natural world and in experiencing clarity from innate intuitive resources. All practices will serve to support mamas during the early postpartum period and onward throughout parenthood. 

Healing & Recovery after 
Cesarean Birth Support Circle
This six-week support circle will give you the opportunity to meet with and learn from other mothers of newborns, up to pre-crawlers. Allowing time for sharing your unique birthing and postpartum period can assist you in compassionately integrating your own experience while cultivating a welcoming and long-lasting community. Join in support with others who have had unanticipated abdominal births.