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"Change is the only constant. 
  All are in flux like a river."

Supporting your 
Healthy, Successful 
Journey from
to Parenthood

Whether you are in the imaginings stage of family formation, are trying to conceive, already pregnant and preparing for birth, adopting or working with a surrogate, Dr. Lewis offers you nonjudgmental support with warmth, humor, and a strong belief in our lifelong ability to grow, change, and succeed. 

Meghan strives to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere wherein she effectively supports you in clarify your intentions and goals. Working together can help you resolve the unique stressors you face while deepening your intuitive nature, thereby creating more ease and efficiency in your daily life.

Meghan will introduce you to strategies and tools specific to your concerns so that ultimately you can move more freely, authentically, and joyfully through this phase of your life, no matter your past, your present, or what your future may hold. Her approach is collaborative, interactive, innovative, and intuitive. Dr. Lewis specializes in working with LGBTQ families, intentional solo parents/to-be, and welcomes clients of all sexual orientations, heritages, gender expressions, and family compositions.

Benefits of Professional Counseling
With a background in clinical psychotherapy specializing in maternal mental health and somatic (body-focused) therapy, as well as midwifery and doula care, Meghan offers professional preconception, prenatal, and postpartum parenting counseling. Therapeutic modalities utilized include cognitive behavioral therapy, holistic hypnotherapy, art therapy, dreamwork, PSYCH-K, EFT and more to assist in:

  • Fertility enhancement & conception options
  • Preparing for pregnancy & birth 
  • Befriending birth & pain management
  • Healing unanticipated fertility or birth outcomes/
  • Grief & loss
  • Adjustment to parenthood & attachment challenges
  • Stress reduction & self-care
  • Spiritual inquiry & integration

What others are saying

"I knew right away that I could trust Dr. Lewis in understanding my process of becoming a mother. She is gifted in creating a space that welcomes all aspects of me."                  
East Bay queer solo mom by choice

"I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lewis to my pregnant and postpartum clients. She is knowledgeable, reliable, and present and truly conveys warmth and understanding. These qualities are essential in working with clients undergoing one of life's most transformative experiences imaginable. Ellen Levitt, Licensed Midwife, Wombservice Midwifery

"She is attuned, thoughtful and brings integrity to her work. What felt so good for me about working with Dr. Lewis is that I always knew I could trust her.                 Rivka, Berkeley, CA mama             

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